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Points Per Game
Rank Name PPG
1 R. Westbrook, OKC31.4
2 J. Harden, Hou29.3
3 I. Thomas, Bos29.1
4 A. Davis, NO27.9
5 D. DeRozan, Tor27.2
6 D. Cousins, NO26.8
7 D. Lillard, Por26.7
8 L. James, Cle26.0
9 K. Leonard, SA26.0
10 K. Durant, GS25.3
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Field Goal Percentage
Rank Name FG%
1 D. Jordan, LAC.708
2 R. Gobert, Uta.659
3 C. Capela, Hou.646
4 D. Howard, Atl.636
5 N. Jokic, Den.581
6 S. Adams, OKC.580
7 M. Gortat, Was.572
8 H. Whiteside, Mia.560
9 E. Kanter, OKC.558
10 J. Valanciunas, Tor.549
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Rebounds Per Game
Rank Name RPG
1 H. Whiteside, Mia14.1
2 A. Drummond, Det14.0
3 D. Jordan, LAC13.6
4 R. Gobert, Uta12.9
5 D. Howard, Atl12.8
6 K. Towns, Min12.1
7 A. Davis, NO12.0
8 K. Love, Cle10.9
9 D. Cousins, NO10.8
10 M. Gortat, Was10.8
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Steals Per Game
Rank Name SPG
1 D. Green, GS2.10
2 J. Wall, Was1.99
3 C. Paul, LAC1.96
4 J. Butler, Chi1.91
5 R. Covington, Phi1.90
6 K. Leonard, SA1.85
7 S. Curry, GS1.82
8 T. Ariza, Hou1.81
9 R. Rubio, Min1.76
10 T. Allen, Mem1.69
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Assists per game
Rank Name APG
1 J. Harden, Hou11.4
2 J. Wall, Was10.8
3 R. Westbrook, OKC10.4
4 C. Paul, LAC9.1
5 R. Rubio, Min8.9
6 L. James, Cle8.8
7 J. Teague, Ind7.8
8 J. Holiday, NO7.2
9 D. Green, GS7.1
10 K. Lowry, Tor6.9
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Blocks Per Game
Rank Name BPG
1 R. Gobert, Uta2.64
2 A. Davis, NO2.21
3 M. Turner, Ind2.11
4 H. Whiteside, Mia2.07
5 K. Porzingis, NY1.98
6 G. Antetokounmpo, Mil1.88
7 D. Jordan, LAC1.66
8 K. Durant, GS1.64
9 B. Lopez, Bkn1.63
10 L. Nogueira, Tor1.62
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